One Uniforce

Founded in 2015, Uniforce was created to leverage deep local expertise to create a customized global footprint for our customers.

Uniforce is partner-based, by invitation only.

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Independent with a shared purpose

Across the alliance, our goal is to produce the most streamlined and creative logistics strategies for our customers by sharing resources, insights and expertise unique to each market.

Alone, we are successful. United, we prosper.

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Prosperity through diversity

The best solutions come from a multitude of perspectives–a unique advantage we hold across all facets of supply chain and logistics management.

Uniforce partners have been logistics leaders in their respective markets for decades.

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Our Values

Global sustainability

As a global alliance of partners who are generationally vested in the health of their lands and people, Uniforce places a premium on environmental sustainability across the world. Some of our efforts include:

  • Overall emissions reductions across modalities

  • Renewable energy usage, reclamation and recycling programs

  • Energy efficient routes and mileage minimization

  • Adherence to strict local environmental standards

  • Employee environmental volunteer programs

  • Minimized packaging and space solutions

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Corporate responsibility and social governance

Uniforce wouldn’t be what it is today without the vibrant people and cultures of every partner in the alliance. We are focused on making the world a better place through important local initiatives, including: 

  • Equal opportunity employers across the alliance

  • Community charities and volunteer work

  • Responsible citizenship in local communities

  • Zero tolerance policies on corruption and malpractice

  • Funding education and learning programs for marginalized children

  • ISO Certified

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